Student Life

Redlands Farm

The campus’ working Redlands Farm contributes to the dining center’s healthy meal options—and provides opportunities for hands-on experiences to learn about farm-to-table and sustainability practices.

Working in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Maryland Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share (MACS) program, the farm program is a model of sustainability, educating students about sustainable action, the importance of supporting local economies, self-sufficiency, and nutrition.

The farm curriculum is designed to educate students about the environmental, social, and political issues facing our current food system, while also developing an appreciation for the natural world. Students gain exposure to the methods and challenges of small-scale, sustainable agriculture, and assist with planting, harvesting, packaging, storing and preserving farm-grown crops. The farm also serves as an outdoor classroom and experiential learning laboratory that introduces students to the science behind growing food, while creating important conversations around the environment, public health, and innovative ecological designs.