Student Life

Boarding Experience

When you live where you learn, your intellectual growth is both deliberate and organic, and learning extends well beyond the classroom. Students and faculty share, explore, and discuss throughout the day: in the Student Life Curriculum, in the Commons, in the residential houses, and in casual interactions.
At boarding school, teachers don’t head home when the school day is done: They are there to guide you every step of the way. Faculty members live on campus, share meals with students, and often lead sports or activities.
We believe that sit-down meals provide an important opportunity for enhancing community life. For this reason, family-style meals are served in the Commons during lunch Monday through Friday. In addition to our nightly dinners, every Monday we enjoy a special Formal Dinner where we celebrate the different cultural and family traditions in our community. 
Boarding students attend all sit-down meals. Day students attend all sit-down lunches and are encouraged to stay for the evening meal. Students are assigned to a different table every two weeks, which allows them to get better acquainted with different peers and faculty members in a relaxed setting. The Commons is full of life, and the students applaud for their favorite meals and break into song on birthdays or sports victories. 
House Faculty and Prefects support the overall development of students residing in our two residential houses, Carter and Heath. Each house includes a common room with wi-fi access, a kitchen for preparing snacks, and laundry facilities. Prefects are students chosen from the senior class; they act as role models and student mentors to the younger students. They are chosen for their maturity, their interest in helping others, and their ability to relate to people of different backgrounds and personalities.

Study hours are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. During this time, all students should be engaged in academic work; social media, video games, and other non-academic pursuits are not permitted. All underclassmen have assigned study spaces on campus; Sixes (seniors) may choose to study in their rooms. 

Weekends at St. Timothy’s are a chance to unwind; compete for your team; hop on the School van for a shopping trip to Target, Whole Foods, or Starbucks; venture into Baltimore for an Orioles game or New York City to catch a Broadway show, either on your official school-organized trips or with your friends. Both boarders and day students are welcome to participate together in a full calendar of off-campus trips, social events, and the activities of more than 30 student organizations. This is your time to do the things you love.